P I A N O M U S I C   F R O M   T H E   T E A C H I N G   R O O M   O N   8   C D ' S

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The classical music literature is rich in a great number of beautiful compositions
that are not too difficult for the most amateur pianists.
In concert-halls easy-to-play music seldom is heard and it is very hard to find one's favorite piece on cd.
Most music pupils prefer their music to be played as an example by the teacher.
Experience of many years taught me what the model pupil likes to play.
That is the reason why I made an anthology of those pieces common amateur pianists always like to practise.

For my selection I was led by two criteria:
  1. The degree of difficulty

  2. A common amateur pianist must be able to play a composition: not too easy, but surely neither too difficult.

  3. Popularity

  4. My experience as teacher taught me which compositions are the most beloved, for young as well as old pupils.
The anthology contains the accepted, most asked pieces from the 'teaching room', and is divided in eight chapters:

Part I:Bach and before Here you find below a search engine,
with which you can search this site or the web:

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Part II:Various classic sonatines & Haydn
Part III:Mozart & Beethoven
Part IV:German Romanticism
Part V:North-European composers & Chopin
Part VI:East-European composers
Part VII:French & Spanish composers
Part VIII:Robert Schumann, Album für die Jugend Op. 68

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